How does Mehta Beauty Clinic work?

We will first check your BMI.

BMI or body mass index is a measure of how well your height and weight fit together and whether you are underweight or overweight. To get the result, you should use the formula to calculate BMI using factors such as age, weight, height and gender.

We plan

Before the operation, consult your doctor and give a complete explanation of your physical condition and the medicine or supplements you have taken. Some of the chemicals or herbal remedies you are taking.

We provide services

We create beauty. In addition to providing comprehensive beauty services and skin, hair and laser care. With advanced equipment, all services are provided in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

We support

The team of specialists of Mehta Clinic is always trying to make your experience in the place calm and pleasant. And at the same time create a great look for your skin, hair and body.

History of operation of Mehta Beauty Clinic

Beauty secrets in

Mahta Beauty Clinic

Mahta Beauty Clinic

Some of the chemicals or herbal remedies you are taking can cause problems, and your doctor should be aware of this. In this way, the specialist doctor can cut it and choose a replacement if necessary. A consultation with a doctor can be very useful and practical.


It is a 4,000-year-old healing art that only a few medical studies support its benefits to the body.

Nail implants

Powder nail implantation is ranked first in terms of beauty and strength.

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