Lip prosthesis services

What is a lip prosthesis? Lip prosthesis is a cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the lips, which is performed using two methods of lip implants or flare injections by plastic surgeons or dermatologists. Filler-assisted lip prosthesis is an outpatient procedure that can generally be performed in a few hours or less and has …

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جوانسازی پوست – زیبایی – پاکسازی

Botox Services

Botox injections are carried out into areas with facial wrinkles with the aim of rejuvenation of the skin. Botox injections of the laugh line as well as botox forehead or frown line are among the most popular cosmetic injections performed at Dr. Nilforoushzadeh’s specialized clinic (Jordan). In this article, read all about Botox injections from …

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