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One of the best and most effective treatments available to eliminate skin problems, especially around the eyes, is used around the world today. With age in humans, hyaluronic acid in the body decreases and as a result of this process, the freshness and freshness of the skin also decreases. In this type of treatment, the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin is regenerated and as a result, the skin becomes young and beautiful.

In which parts of the body is mesogel used?

In addition to the face, mesogel treatment is used to improve the condition and repair the skin in other areas of the body:

Increase the elasticity of the neck skin and reduce its lines
Eliminate chin
Improves the condition of the skin on the back of the hand
Eliminate protruding veins and depressions in the outside of the hands
Eliminate skin cracks
Eliminate skin cellulite
Removes black spots on some parts of the skin
hair loss prevention
Rhinoplasty goals such as eliminating hump (suitable for people who do not want to undergo aggressive treatments)
Topical treatment of obesity (Despite the safety and effectiveness of this method for the treatment of localized obesity has not yet been scientifically proven.)
Treatment of skin problems in the chest area

Post-mesogel care

You can return home immediately after treatment. Just be careful not to expose yourself to the sun or the sauna for the first week after the injection, and do not forget to use sunscreen with SPF30 or higher when you go out.

Also, avoid skin and beauty treatments in beauty salons for two weeks after treatment. After two weeks, you can resume your skin care by visiting your doctor again and with his permission.
Avoid blood thinners such as naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin, and if necessary, consult a doctor one week before treatment.

Does mesogel have any side effects?

Mesogel is a tolerable procedure for the patient. The needles used in mesogels are very small. They do not sink too deep into the skin. They also have less pain than other injections. Sometimes local anesthetics are used.

Mesogel is generally a low-risk treatment, and in addition to the initial swelling, bruising, and redness after the injection, other side effects may rarely occur. Some of the rare side effects of mesogel injection include infection, tissue necrosis, and scarring of the skin.

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