Cheek pits or laughter pits

The cheekbone is considered by some people to be one of the beauties of creation. That’s why there are so many different ways to create a lip balm, whether through cosmetic surgery or home remedies. If you, too, are looking to get ahead of others by creating laughter, as many say, with laughter, stay tuned.

What is a cheekbone?

A lip or cheek is an indentation that occurs when laughing on the face. In many people, the site of this indentation is slightly lower than the cheek. But in some, it occurs exactly on the lip or lower lip, on the cheek. The general perception is that the only way to have this charm is to be born with it. While it is interesting to know that there are different ways to create a lip balm, for those who dream of having it. On the other hand, you should know that people who naturally have laughter holes are likely to lose their cheek holes in the future for various reasons, including sagging facial skin!

Types of dimples

The most common and interesting dimples on the face are the dimples on the lips. This hole is usually present on both lips. But in some people it is only visible on one lip. The presence of this type of hole makes it more beautiful and creates a natural angle for the face. If you use surgical techniques to create a lap hole, you can determine the location and depth of the depression with your doctor’s advice.


The interesting thing about the chin is that it is very likely to be inherited from one parent to the child. The number of people who have chin holes is much less than the number of people who have chin holes.

Waist hole

You might be surprised to learn that in addition to the cheekbones and chin, there are also lumbar dimples. This hole is located in the lower back and is more common in women than men. The number of people with dimples is less than the number of people with dimples!

How to have a cheek?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are several ways to create a lip, chin and back. Since not all people are born naturally with dimples, various home or medical methods can be used to create dimples on the face or back.

Exercise to create lap holes

Some people believe that by doing a few facial exercises, you can see the face in the long run. But the important thing to note about these methods is that there is no guarantee that the desired result will be achieved after a long time or not; And even in some cases it is permanent or not. To create a hole through exercise, follow these steps:

Puff your lips.
Then swallow your lips to make a dent in your face.
At the site of the depression, press your hand for a few seconds.
Laugh at the same time. By doing this, the muscle that needs to be trained is identified.
Do this for 30 minutes a day!

make up

If you are a little familiar with makeup and make-up techniques, you can create a hole exactly where you want it by applying a little cream and using dark pencils.

Perform cosmetic surgery

People who are looking for a permanent result in the shortest possible time should choose the surgical method. This operation, which is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia, after a few weeks, a natural hole is created in the place with the desired depth.

How is a cheek cosmetic procedure performed?

Local anesthesia is usually used for this surgery. Before the operation, the doctor marks the location of the hole on the face or back and coordinates everything with you. As a result, you know exactly where and how deep the hole will be. The surgeon then makes a small hole in the mouth and facial muscles. The wound is then closed with sutures and you can resume your daily activities immediately after the operation.

The important thing about this surgery is that everything is done inside the mouth. As a result, there is no need to worry about something being seen from the outside.

Who is the right candidate for Chal Cheng operation?

In general, all people who are physically healthy are good candidates for this operation. Given that this action is not aggressive and does not pose much danger to individuals, it does not have many restrictions. Of course, you should attend a medical consultation and fully inform your doctor of your condition by describing your medical history and the medications you are taking.

The time required for the operation of the lapel

It all depends on the skill and speed of the medical procedure you choose. As mentioned, surgery is performed under local anesthesia. In general, if your chosen surgeon is skilled and experienced enough, he or she will be able to perform the operation in 30 minutes.

Is it up to me to decide the location and depth of the pit?

Yes. Talk to your doctor about this before starting surgery and in a consultation. Give your opinion about the location and depth of the hole and see if, based on the doctor’s experience, what you are considering fits your face.

Laughing preoperative care

As with any operation, you should not take medicines that cause the blood to thin until one week before the operation.
If you have a history of high blood pressure or diabetes, be sure to tell your surgeon about your condition.
Usually, it is better to use antibiotics and special mouthwashes before the operation, as recommended by your doctor.
Postoperative care of the cheekbones

Laughter is not an aggressive act and, as mentioned, it is done in a short time. But since the sore is inside the mouth, postoperative care is critical to achieving the desired result. To prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs, a special mouthwash prescribed by a doctor should be used daily. Also, appropriate antibiotics are prescribed to help heal faster. The surgeon can prescribe pain medication if necessary. Mild to moderate inflammation will persist for several days after surgery. To get better results during recovery, you should use some exercise techniques that your doctor teaches you.

Recovery period after laughter pit surgery

After about two weeks, the stitches are invisible and absorbed and the skin returns to its normal state. After this time, when the person laughs, a very delicate connection is created between the skin and the muscle, and a beautiful hole appears. This period varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the recovery and the amount of tissue harvested. In general, it takes a few weeks for the result of the surgery to look completely normal. After surgery, you will be able to eat any type of food. But it is best to wait until the anesthetic is completely gone.

What are the complications of lapel cosmetic surgery?

Although this operation can be done in a short time and non-invasively, but in some cases, especially in situations where the doctor does not have enough experience and skills, it is associated with complications. In some cases, the feeling of weakness in the operated area will be with the person for several months after the surgery. In addition, it is possible for the muscle inside the mouth to be damaged and to relax to some extent. The doctor will inform you of possible complications before the surgery, depending on your condition, the type of pit and its depth.

Frequently Asked Questions about the practice of laughing
Can I determine the depth and location of the hole on the cheek?

Yes. Before the operation, your doctor will ask you about the location and extent of the pit. The hole is precisely marked and displayed to you. It is best to tell your doctor what you are considering and finally decide on the surgeon’s discretion.

Can we make a hole in the house?

Apart from surgery, there are other methods such as makeup and exercise to create lap and laughter. But the important thing is that none of the sports techniques are guaranteed. And even if you do get results from them, it definitely takes a long time. The technique of applying makeup to create a dimple is not temporary and permanent.

How much does it cost to have a cheek surgery?

The cost of this surgery, similar to other surgeries, depends on several factors. Some of the factors influencing this cost are: the type of hole, the depth of the hole created, the surgeon, the beauty clinic, the anesthetic and …. Therefore, it is better to attend a free consultation session with the clinic consultants to learn more about the costs of surgery. Your doctor will advise you on your cost, knowing your circumstances and wishes.

Keep in mind that the laughing stock operation is considered a cosmetic procedure and has no therapeutic aspect. Therefore, the costs of this operation are not paid by any insurance and all costs are borne by you.

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