What is eyebrow fibrosis? How to do it, advantages and disadvantages


فیبروز ابرو،فیبروز ابرو چیست،اصطلاح فیبروز


Today, there are many ways to shape and shape the eyebrows, which is one of the types of these new methods of eyebrow fibrosis, and after obtaining the necessary information in this field, you can use this new method to correct the shape of the eyebrows and eliminate existing defects. Use on your eyebrows.

The term fibrosis is derived from the name of the company that founded this method for more beautiful eyebrows. In the word fibrosis, fi is the name of the company and update means eyebrow line or eyebrows. Fibrosis Company is located in Serbia and has many Iranian students, and currently in Iran, eyebrow fibrosis is used to shape and shape the eyebrows.

Eyebrow fibrosis is one of the semi-permanent methods for eyebrow makeup. In this method, disposable needles are used manually for eyebrow shading and shading, and after the fibrosis process, you will have eyebrows with a beautiful and natural shape. .

Stages of eyebrow fibrosis

Eyebrow fibrosis is a very popular and popular method today, especially women who are very interested in their fashion and beauty want this method and it is a very good option for them. With the invention and presentation of this eyebrow makeup method, it was quickly welcomed and noticed all over the world, so that after a short time, Branco was not satisfied with the eyebrow fibrosis method alone, and invented methods for lip fibrosis, eyeliner. And polished eyelashes. The stages of eyebrow fibrosis are performed as follows:

First, the eyebrow lines should be applied in the crown of the eyebrows, each line should be extended 2 more times, then it is time to shock the eyebrows, after 3 to 4 minutes, the eyebrows are colored and it is time to numb, note 10 The day before fibrosis should not be painted eyebrows, the selected color should not be too light, in the next step, the arch of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows are drawn, the thickness of the strokes should be doubled according to the skin type Eyebrow fibrosis is performed in several stages and for better performance of this method, dry and normal skin is suitable.

Benefits of eyebrow micro fibrosis:

1- Symmetry of both eyebrows

2- Shaping the crown and arch of the eyebrows

3- It gives a very delicate and natural look to your eyebrows

4- Easy to remove this type of tattoo and change the shape of the eyebrows

5- Less pain and burning than the old methods due to working at shallow depths

6- More accuracy due to the manual nature of this method

فیبروز ابرو،فیبروز ابرو چیست،اصطلاح فیبروز

Who can not use this method:

People who have used tattoos before can no longer use this method, and this method is used for those who have never used any tattoo methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow hatching by fibrosis method

One of the most important benefits of the fibrosis method is that it brings a natural look to the eyebrows. In this technique, the eyebrows can be easily compared. Parts of the eyebrow that are empty, such as a bow or crown, can be shown to be fuller without having to draw the frame around the eyebrow and take it out of its natural shape.

Because the pen used in the fibrosis technique is manual and the needle is injected deeper into the skin, it causes less pain and irritation than the old methods. It is also a semi-permanent method; This means that it is cleared over a short period of time and it is possible to change its state.

One of the disadvantages of the fibrosis method in eyebrow shaving is that due to the handyness of the pen, more precision and skill is needed, and for a better result, a professional must be consulted. In addition, people who have previously used tattoos can no longer use the fibrosis method to design their eyebrows. In other words, only people who have never used any tattoo methods can benefit from microfibrosis.

Eyebrow hatching models by fibrosis method

Eyebrow shaving is done by micro-fibrosis method in different ways, which fibrosis selects according to the shape of your face.

Eyebrow Fibrosis Spine – 3

This model, also known as the razor blade, places the focal point of the hatch on the end of the eyebrow and the other parts of the hatch are struck in the end direction of the eyebrow.

Spine – 5 eyebrow fibrosis method

Asian eyebrow hatch is another name for this model, in which the focal point is located at the bottom of the eyebrows and somewhere between the beginning and the arch of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow hatching by fibrosis method Spine – 6

This type of hatch is also called the classic eyebrow hatch, the focal point of which is located in the lower arch of the eyebrows, and other hatches are struck in the direction of this point.

Hashor Upper Spine

The focal point of the hatch in this model is the upper part of the eyebrows and other hatches are done in the same direction.

فیبروز ابرو،فیبروز ابرو چیست،اصطلاح فیبروز

Factors affecting the durability of eyebrow hatching by fibrosis method

By observing the points that we will express in the following, you can easily increase the shelf life of your eyebrows up to 3 years.

The depth of eyebrows

This type of hatching is done with a microbleeding pen; This means that the deeper the tattoo is removed, the longer it will last, and the shallower it will be.

Skin type

One of the influential factors in the longevity of eyebrow hairspray is the customer’s skin type. The more oily the skin, the less durable the eyebrows will be. It is better to do facial scraping before performing microfibrosis to increase its durability.

Changes in the body’s hormones

Menstruation, pregnancy and lactation are among the periods when the body’s hormones are changed and have a great impact on the longevity of eyebrows. For this reason, we recommend that you wait until the above courses are completed and then proceed with fibrosis.

Dyes used in eyebrow fibrosis

Eyebrow fibrosis comes in a variety of colors. The colors used in this method of eyebrow beauty are prepared and produced from various minerals. Also, due to the fact that it does not contain heavy metals, it is easily absorbed by the skin, and therefore the appearance of eyebrows appears very natural. Also, one of the concerns of women who intend to use this method is the fear of leaving a tint of this method, which can be safely said that there is no need for worry and stress, and the color used in this beauty method is easy. And it is completely removed from the skin and no red undertones are left. Needless to say, there is another technique called nanofibrosis, in fact, nano-update is the newest technique to beautify eyebrows after fibrosis, which is done by nano devices and needles.

Durability of eyebrow fibrosis

Persistence of eyebrow fibrosis is another case that undoubtedly people who want to perform and perform this method show a lot of sensitivity to this issue. In general, it can be said that eyebrow hatching by fibrosis method depends on many causes; But in normal case, it can be said that the durability of this eyebrow makeup method will be between 6 months to 1 year, because the hatches done with the microbleeding method have less depth than other methods, and as a result, it has less durability.

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