Eyelash extensions and eyeliner

What is eyelash extensions?


Definitely having beautiful eyes can make your face more beautiful and attractive. Eyelashes are a great opportunity to have beautiful eyes. Those who do not have enough time to make up their eyes will definitely use eyelash extensions. One of the most important features of facial beauty is having beautiful eyes.

In addition to eye color and eye condition, the beauty of the eye depends on another factor. Having full eyelashes has a great effect on the beauty of the eyes. There are several ways to make up the eyes and make the eyelashes appear fuller. One of the newest and most popular ways to show eyelashes is doing eyelash tattoo. Eyelash tattoo is in such a way that by adding ink between the lashes, they make the lashes look fuller.

What is eyelash extensions?

One of the newest makeup techniques that you can use to make your eyes look more beautiful and your eyelashes look much fuller than normal. Eyelash curler is a type of tattoo that is done by adding ink between the lashes. Of course, you may have heard of it under other names, such as eyelash and eyelash micropigmentation.

The eyelash tattoo technique is usually done in two different ways. The person who goes to a tattoo artist to do this, chooses one of the available methods according to his taste. They either choose to add ink between their lashes or draw a thin line just like the eyeliner above their lashes.

People who want the tattoo they choose to look natural can use the first method, which is the ink injection. In this method, for tattooing, a device is used that has very fine needles that insert ink into the lashes at high speed. This method is very, very natural and will have a tremendous effect on your beauty.

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Who is eyelash tattoo more suitable for?

Eyelash tattoo is one of the best permanent facial beauty methods for those who work in special environments such as offices, scientific centers, etc., and for whom time is very important. Eyelash tattoo is for those who have large eyes and short eyelashes. The backs are also suitable.

Some people are not fans of eyeliner, especially if they want to get a tattoo, but the eyelash technique is popular because it does not have a specific model and only makes your eyes more attractive. People who have lethargic eyes or are accustomed to drawing eyeliner inside their eyelids. People who want to have attractive eyes, because they will become more attractive as the lash line becomes fuller. Even suitable for people who are accustomed to applying mascara. They are also suitable.

Suitable for older people, over time and with age, the eyes become discolored and lose their attractiveness, and women experience hand tremors over time and it becomes difficult for them to draw eyeliner. You can easily solve this problem by doing eyelash tattoos and eyeliner tattoos.

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Necessary care for before and after eyelash tattoo

Before any procedure for eyelash tattoo, you should first find a specialized and approved center in this field and make sure that all the steps of tattooing are done by professionals and experts in this field and all hygienic things are observed while doing the work. And the tools and materials used for eyelash tattoo are completely sterile and clean, and high-quality colors are used for this purpose. Because all these cases have a great impact on the beauty and durability of eyelash tattoos and also cause no damage and irritation to the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Benefits of doing eyelash extensions
Saving time

Today’s time is a precious commodity and you will get rid of it every day by doing eyelash extensions and eyeliner micropigmentation.

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Reducing stress

A slip of the wrist will cause the eyeliner or eyelash band to fall out of shape, and you will need to clean it and do it again. This happens when we are in a hurry to get out of the house. If you use permanent eyeliner and eyelashes, there is no need to do it in a hurry.

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Prevent eye irritation that may occur during makeup and eye touch.
With a more stylish and younger look, it increases your self-confidence.
Prevent eye strain and subsequent sagging around the eyes and eyelids.

When applying eye makeup, it is almost impossible not to rub the skin on the eyelid. When applying eye makeup, use a pencil or even a small brush to create friction on your eyes to draw eyeliner and eyelash extensions, which stretch the skin around the eyes and eyelids. Over a period of time, due to the fact that the skin of your eyes is very thin; (Actually the thinnest skin on the body) Your skin dissolves and the skin begins to wrinkle. Use eyeliner and permanent eyelash extensions to eliminate this problem immediately.

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Complications of doing eyelash extensions

Tattoos will increase the percentage of wrinkles and sagging due to stretching and scratches on the skin. Because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate, it is more likely to wrinkle and sag.
People who are prone to excess meat are more likely to develop excess meat at the scratch site.
If the tattoo equipment is not sterile and hygiene is not observed, the chances of transmitting infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis, eyelash loss, eye infections, transmission of eye diseases and allergies will be very high.
If your eyelids are damaged while doing this, your eyes will definitely be seriously damaged as well.
If this is done by less professional people and the needle penetrates the skin too much, the eye and eyelid tissue will be severely damaged.

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How long does the lash line last?

Eyelash extensions are also a type of tattoo to beautify the eyes permanently. Like many tattoos, the lashes become dull after a while. When the lashes become dull and faded, they need to be repaired or re-tattooed. But the lifespan of this tattoo is usually something around 5 years and more.

But there are factors that affect the color of the tattoo. The most important of these factors is a person’s skin type. They should know that the amount of head and face tattoos is much easier to maintain in women with dry skin and more than women who have oily skin and have a higher secretion of fat from their face.

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Does eyelash tattoo pain?

The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, but if your tattoo artist uses new devices and appropriate anesthetics, it can greatly reduce the pain. On the skin of the upper eyelid, it is possible to use anesthetics, but for the lower eyelids, because these substances enter your eyes and can cause allergies and sensitivities, anesthetics are generally not used. You will. Therefore, we do not recommend eye tattoos to those who have very sensitive eyes.

What is the difference between eyeliner and eyelash tattoo?

Eyelash tattoo, or rather eyelash tattoo, is completely different from eyeliner tattoo. In eyeliner tattoos, the line is drawn thin or wide, depending on the person’s eye pattern and sometimes trailing. Most eyeliners are patterned and are drawn for a specific purpose. But in eyelash extensions, the goal is to show more lashes. Eyelash extensions are perfectly suitable for people who are looking for a change in their eyes, but in a completely natural and imperceptible way. And it is drawn exactly in the growing part of the eyelashes.

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