Fibrosis and microbleeding


Fibrosis and microbleeding

Eyebrow model suitable for the shape of your face, leads to a more beautiful face. Eyebrow microbleeding is one of the semi-permanent tattoo techniques that is used to change the appearance of the eyebrows and eliminate imperfections.

This technique makes the eyebrows appear full. This method, which is a strong competitor to eyebrow implants, has attracted a lot of fans these days.

What is microbuilding? What care should we take after microbleeding? What are the advantages and disadvantages of microbleeding? There are questions that will be answered at the end of the article. Stay with us.

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What is microbuilding?

In this method, temporary pigments are injected under the skin with a blender. Of course, the microbleeding technique is different from ordinary tattoo models. In this method, each eyebrow hair is pulled by hand with a special tool. Because of this, it creates a more natural appearance.
This is while the tattoo process is done by a tattoo machine and a needle. The microbleeding technique is often used to change the shape of the eyebrows, to give it volume, as well as to change the color and texture. In this technique, scratches are first made on the skin and then pigments are injected into the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, it is less durable than a tattoo that injects pigment deep into the skin.

What are the eyebrow shading methods?

In answer to the basic question of what is eyebrow shading, we must say that it is a semi-permanent method of correcting the shape of the eyebrows that brings you closer to having eyebrows that fit your face. In this method, by injecting pigments into the subcutaneous tissue, you can implement the appropriate model.

Eyebrow shading has different techniques. All of these methods pursue a goal, but the path to achieve it is different in each. Which method is right for you depends on a variety of factors, including shelf life, skin type, previous experience with these methods, and the degree of change in eyebrow shape.

Eyebrow shaping methods are divided into 3 main categories. These methods are called microbleeding, eyebrow fibrosis and micropigmentation. Each of them has points and details, which we will discuss in full below.

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What is micropigmentation, eyebrow fibrosis and microbuilding?

But the main question is what is micropigmentation, eyebrow fibrosis and microbleeding?

Eyebrow fibrosis and microbleeding are somewhat close to each other and there is a fundamental difference in details such as the material used in them. These are semi-permanent and manual techniques in correcting eyebrow shape.

In these methods, a hand pen or a touch pen or holder is used. The technician uses the same pen to scratch the skin and then inject the pigments into the subcutaneous surface.

The above methods are in the category of manual eyebrow shaping techniques. If the micropigmentation operation with these methods is completely different. The difference between micropigmentation and microbleeding is how it is done.
The main difference is that micropigmentation is done using the device while hatching is done manually.

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What is the difference between microbleeding and eyebrow fibrosis?

The three main methods of hatching, microbleeding and fibrosis are very similar. Both are hand-held techniques performed by the touch pen. But there are also differences that separate them. We will discuss these differences below.

The most important difference between microbleeding and fibrosis is related to their invention. In fact, the founders of these methods are the main reason for their differences.

The fibrosis method was developed by a beauty institute called Phi. The standards and materials used in this method are also determined by the same academy. But in the end, technicians who use microbleeding are more flexible and actually more open-handed.

The standards of this method have certain principles, but this does not mean that the microbleeding method does not follow a specific standard.

Also the next important point that differentiates these two methods is the needle and the color used in them. The material of this tool is of higher quality in fibrosis.

The needles used in the fibrosis method belong to Phi Company, which has its own standards. The quality of these needles is much higher than the samples used in the microbleeding method.

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The next difference between the two methods is the color used in them. The dye injected under the skin in the microbleeding method is called PIGMENT. If the dye used in the fibrosis method is called Phi and belongs to this academy and follows its standards.

The next difference is related to the depth of ink injection and thus the durability. In microbleeding method, the ink is injected into the underlying layers of the skin, so it lasts longer than eyebrow fibrosis.

Less ink penetration in the fibrosis method makes it easier to remove eyebrow changes with this method.

Types of microbleeding techniques

Microbleeding is a type of eyebrow shaving that uses a stylus to do this. Types of microbleeding techniques are divided into two popular categories. In the following, we will explain each of these methods.

Bold Browser

Bold browser technique is one of the most popular methods in the field of microbleeding, which was introduced to the world by Grandmaster Academy Phi. This technique is also known as Magic Browser or Magic Browser.

The reason for this naming is that people believe that this method can magically design your eyebrows and at the same time be extremely natural.

The principles of this technique are based on primary and secondary microdermabrasion, which ultimately leaves you with delicate and natural eyebrows. The lines designed in this technique are S-like.

The difference between fibrosis and bold browser is in the type of pattern used in them. For example, the patterns used in fibrosis are limited to three types: spin 3, spin 6, and up spin.
This is despite the fact that in many cases, due to the fact that each eyebrow has a transition, the probability of abnormal eyebrow position is higher than the bold browser technique. Because eyebrow shape may not follow these patterns.

The conditions described for fibrosis, however, with the new bold browser technique, many of the limitations of fibrosis are removed. Eyebrow strokes are more delicate, smaller and sometimes taller in this technique.

Also, eyebrow transitions in this technique are more varied. There are also more strokes. In the Boldbroser technique, the edges of the eyebrows are free. All of these benefits make the bolder browser more professional than fibrosis.

The bulldozer needle can use two types of Phi needles. You can use the Bold Browser needle, which is a combination of U-shaped and crooked needle, or Phi’s black U-needle. But our recommendation is to use a black U-needle to get a better result.

Nano Bleeding

Nanoblading is another method of microbleeding. The accuracy of the design in this technique has increased compared to microbleeding, and the reason is the reduction of the needle thickness by 0.3. This may seem like a small amount to you, but it greatly enhances the finesse of the work.

Also, the number of pins on the needle has increased to 18. The pins are tiny needles that are next to each other and the thickness of each is 0.15 mm.

Types of micropigmentation techniques

As we have said before, micropigmentation lasts longer than microbleeding, and the reason for this is the greater penetration of dye into the skin layers in the micropigmentation method. In the following, we have reviewed various popular techniques in the field of micropigmentation.

Nano update

The nanobroze technique is a subset of micropigmentation that is more subtle than micropigmentation. In this technique, eyebrow design can be done without any restrictions. The limitations of fibrosis and boldness methods are fully compensated in this method.

It is important to note that this method is the best method for eyebrow shaving in people with oily skin. Because in this method, more elegance and more penetration of color prevents the design from spreading and disappearing.

Brizi update

The latest micropigmentation method, still created by Phi Company, is called Brizi Broz. Breaking up is a new style of permanent makeup that can be used to design Hollywood eyebrows.

If we want to talk about the details of doing this technique, we must mention the strange combination of the two main methods of eyebrow design. Blurring is caused by a combination of two methods of microbleeding and eyebrow shading, which is implemented simultaneously with the micropigmentation and microbleeding device.

The super update method is suitable for all skin types and can be easily applied to oily, dry and normal skin. But note that this requires a great deal of skill.

Types of hash models

If we want to refer to different types of eyebrow eyebrow models, we can place them in two categories: two-dimensional eyebrow eyebrow and three-dimensional eyebrow eyebrow.

Hashour two-dimensional eyebrows

In two-dimensional eyebrow shading, it is recommended to use a micropigmentation device. In this method, the eyebrow crowns have lines in the upward direction. These lines are drawn from the center point downwards.

Three-dimensional eyebrows

3D eyebrow shading can be very useful for people who do not have so-called eyebrows. The reason for this claim is that the hash lines in this model are created from several lines in the direction of the spine line. The same method causes volume in the eyebrows.

How is microbleeding done?

Performing microbleeding techniques, eyebrow shaving and eyebrow fibrosis are similar. All of them are done by hand and in order to change the color, volume and shape of the eyebrows.

In this technique, the natural form of eyebrow hair is associated with the formation of rashes on the skin. Because of this, tattoos look more natural than other tattoo techniques.

At the beginning of the work, microbleeding experts discuss the appearance and shape of the eyebrows, as well as the needs of the customer. Then they draw the shape of the eyebrows and its location manually.

Determining the location of the eyebrows is a multi-step process that is done according to the shape of the face and the location of the eyes. The starting point of the eyebrows is the arch and the end point is calculated based on the shape of the eyes.

Accordingly, the microbleeding specialist draws the completed eyebrow form on the client’s face to determine the scope of work. In this way, the customer can see the final result of the microbleeding work.

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