What is hair filler? Effects of hair filler injection on hair growth and strengthening


What is a hair filler? Dr. Sage Hair Filler (DRCYJ) is the first hair filler ampule to be used to treat injuries and hair problems such as hair loss. Also, Hair Filler improves hair thickness and strengthens it. Blood circulation improves by regenerating scalp cells.

Are you tired of weakness, fragility and hair loss? If your answer is yes, then hair filler is what you are looking for. Join us in this article to learn more about the applications of hair filler.

Dr. Sage Hair Filler (DRCYJ) is the first hair filler ampule to be used to treat injuries and hair problems such as hair loss. Also, Hair Filler improves hair thickness and strengthens it. Blood circulation improves by regenerating scalp cells.

Improving blood circulation provides the nutrients needed to nourish the follicles. As a result, the follicles are stimulated and their growth rate increases and prevents hair loss. Dr. Sage Hair Filler is a complex of peptide-hyaluronic acid that is very effective in slowing down the hair loss process and at the same time revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth.

What is a hair filler?

Dr. Sage Hair Filler is an injection based on the exclusive formula of Of7 peptides and hyaluronic acid used to revitalize hair. Hair filler can help reduce hair loss and be effective in treating hair regrowth. This product is the result of 13 years of research and development by Caregen and was successfully launched in 2016.

What are the benefits of hair filler or hair filler treatment?

Hair filler The peptide-hyaluronic acid treatment method in many cases ensures to reverse the process of hair loss and at the same time regenerates the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. The formula of registered peptides and hyaluronic acid strengthen damaged hair and, according to clinical research, make hair thicker, thicker and stronger.

What are the effects of Dr. Sage hair filler?

Causes strong regeneration and regeneration on hair follicles and scalp
Prevent hair loss and increase hair growth rate
Activates inactive follicles
It invigorates and strengthens thin and brittle hair


How many sessions of hair filler treatment are there?

Naturally, each person and each person’s hair problem is different, so people respond differently to one treatment, and only your doctor will be able to advise you on this. But hair filler treatment usually takes an average of two months at treatment intervals every two weeks.

Standard hair filler injection: 1 injection every 2 weeks, for 8 weeks (4 sessions in total)

How is hair filler injection done? And does injecting hair filler hurt?

The hair filler is injected under the scalp with very fine needles. Some patients experience injections in more sensitive areas of the scalp. In fact, hair filler injection does not require anesthesia, but if you wish, you can use local anesthetic gels in consultation with your doctor. The time of anesthesia should not be more than half an hour and a doctor with a gentle massage can reduce the possible pain.

How long does the effect of hair filler treatment last?

The effect of DRCYJ hair filler treatment varies from patient to patient, but usually lasts up to a year, and sessions can be repeated if needed.

What are the ingredients of Hair Filler?

Hyaluronic acid along with amino acids repair and hydrate the scalp. In designing and producing this type of filler, various materials have been used:

DecaPeptide-18: Stimulates the scalp to make hair follicle cells
Oligopeptide-54 (Oligopeptide-54): Stops hair loss and prolongs the anagenic phase of hair growth.
Deca peptide-10: Delivers nutrients to the follicles and thickens the hair shaft.
Octa peptide-2: Protects hair cells from stress, harmful UV rays and other dangerous factors.
Oligo peptide-71: Prevents the appearance of gray hair
DecaPeptide-28 (DecaPeptide-28): Promotes hair growth.

What is the quality and safety of hair filler injections?

For the safety and well-being of the patient, counseling should be used before treatment. During the pre-treatment consultation, the patient informs the doctor about the current and past medical records, as well as the medications he is taking and his general health condition, and the doctor starts treatment sessions according to the patient’s condition and accordingly.

Most of the ingredients used in Dr. Sage’s hair filler treatment are composed of natural ingredients and synthesized peptides with high stability. Dr. Sage hair filler has passed allergy and allergy tests and its use is safe. This product is effective when the hair follicles are still alive and the hair can not grow in the area that is already bald.

Who is suitable for injecting filler into the scalp?

People whose hair type is thin and weak.
Enhances hair growth
Increase hair volume and thickness
A complementary treatment for hair loss
Prevent the progression of baldness in men and women
Those who have had hair transplants
Increase the effectiveness of hair transplantation

Who is not recommended for hair filler injection?

People with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
People who have problems with their immune system or undergo immunotherapy.
People taking anticoagulants or blood thinners
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
People with diabetes
People with rheumatism, angina, endocarditis and acute joint injuries
People with scalp inflammation
Children and toddlers
People with open and infected wounds on the head.
Side effects of DR.CYJ hair filler
Short-term transient pain may occur after injection, scalp ulcer may occur
Redness, swelling, swelling, hematoma, itching, and slight pain at the injection site occur after treatment and generally subside over 72 hours.
Sensitivity to any of the ingredients

Is Hair Filler Better Or Mesotherapy?

In recent years, many innovations have been made in the field of hair restoration. Many hair loss treatments are available today, the most popular of which are mesotherapy and PRP, of which hair filler has recently received more attention. These treatments have completely changed the world of hair loss treatments.

Although these two treatments have been proven, people are often confused in choosing one. Each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, but the results show that hair fillers for hair work better than hair mesotherapy.

Similarities between hair filler and mesotherapy

Both treatments are done in a few sessions
Both treatments have the vitamins the hair needs
Both treatments are injectable products

Differences Between Hair Filler And Mesotherapy

Durability is higher in hair fillers: Adding hyaluronic acid to the vitamins and amino acids necessary for hair growth has increased the durability and effectiveness of hair fillers compared to mesotherapy. When subcutaneous injection of hair filler is done, the gel in it surrounds the hair follicles for up to two weeks and its moisturizing effect improves the condition of the hair and reduces hair loss. The difference between the price of mesotherapy and hair filler is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the hair filler
High rate of conclusion in Fillermo: The result of the injection is visible shortly after the injection.
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