Jalupro is an injectable mesogel that is used to improve skin quality and eliminate skin problems such as wrinkles and will have amazing effects on the skin. This product has a unique formulation that contains essential amino acid compounds and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and regenerate skin tissue. This article describes rejuvenation with jalupro and everything you need to know about jalupro mesogel injection.

What is Jalupro Mesogel?

Jalupro mesogel is a sterile injectable product made in Switzerland that is absorbed by the skin and improves skin texture, greatly reduces facial wrinkles and helps improve the appearance of the skin. The main ingredients in this mesofiller are essential amino acids for the skin and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has hydrating properties and because it is naturally located in the connective tissue, it helps to improve the connective tissue of the skin. Amino acids are also involved in protein synthesis and help build and repair connective tissue scaffolds and skin cell health.

How does jalupro mesogel rejuvenate the skin with its amino acids?

As mentioned, Jalpro mesogel is composed of two parts, hyaluronic acid and amino acids. The hyaluronic acid part hydrates and improves the quality of the skin and the amino acid part is effective in improving the function of connective tissue and increasing skin texture.

The connective tissue cells under the skin are called fibroblasts. Fibroplasts produce collagen and repair the skin, thus improving skin color and increasing its elasticity. The function of natural skin fibroblasts decreases over time with age or for other reasons such as diet, smoking, strenuous physical activity, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. These factors cause wrinkles, aging, discoloration, reduced elasticity, reduced radiance and skin volume.

Fibroplasts use a tonic to produce collagen (a protein produced by amino acids): Amino acids (glycine, L-proline, L-lysine) are needed to compensate for the decrease in fibroblast activity. In any area of ​​the skin where the number of active amino acids is more, the activity of cells and their number also increases, and as a result, the appearance of the skin is greatly improved.

Types of jalupro

Jalupro is divided into two categories, which are as follows:

Jalupro Classic

Jalpro Classic is more suitable for young people who have recently experienced facial wrinkles. In this method, you need three sessions of treatment, which are performed 10 days apart.


Jalupro HMW is mostly used for people who are 45 years old and older, and the symptoms of aging are very visible on the face. This product contains higher amounts of hyaluronic acid, which helps repair fibroblasts that are responsible for producing collagen and elastin.

Application of Jalupro rejuvenating gels

Injecting Jalupro into the skin will hydrate, nourish the skin and increase its softness. This solution will also improve skin freshness and rejuvenation and is used to treat different types of skin problems as follows:

If your skin is dry and has lost its moisture.
If dry skin has caused wrinkles and visible facial bones.
Wrinkles on your face due to aging.
If the symptoms of aging appear on your face.
If your skin is loose.
If the skin glow is gone.

Benefits of Jalpro Mesogel

Observe the improvement of skin radiance and beauty after an injection session
Helps improve the quality of subcutaneous connective tissue
Eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging and improve skin health
Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin and eliminates its looseness
Reduction of wrinkles caused by specific facial movements
Reduce the risk of elastin degradation
Prevention of skin re-loosening with continued treatment
Eliminate colloidal scar tissue, acne and leave face and body
An effective and safe way to rejuvenate

Steps and method of injection of Jalupro mesogel

The doctor first makes sure that you are a good candidate for treatment, then gives you information on how to do it and the expected results. Once you are ready for treatment, your doctor will ask you to sign a consent form. Note that Jalupro mesogel injection should be performed by an experienced physician. The doctor must empty the syringe into a bottle with a needle before injecting it into the skin to regenerate the gel, then shake the bottle to obtain a uniform, uniform solution. Finally, the resulting solution should be aspirated with a syringe and the syringe changed.

Before the injection, the doctor disinfects the injection site and anesthetizes the area with a local anesthetic about 30 minutes before the injection to reduce pain, then gently injects the gel to a suitable depth. Finally, the doctor gently massages the injection site to ensure proper distribution of the injected material.

Areas and injection sites of Jalupro gel

The use of Jalpro mesogel is more for the face of applicants, but due to its various benefits, it can also be injected in the following areas and improve skin problems in these areas.

The inner part of the thigh
Knee area

Care after injection of Jalupro gel

You should not do high-intensity exercise for up to 24 hours.
Do not expose to the sun or extreme heat for 72 hours.
Reduce alcohol and salt intake as much as possible to prevent excessive swelling.
To reduce swelling, you can use an ice pack for 15 minutes every hour.
You can use paracetamol to reduce pain and discomfort.
In order to prevent any side effects, it is better to refrain from applying makeup for 6 hours after the injection, and after that, use valid cosmetics so that you do not suffer from skin allergies and other side effects.
Never touch your face for up to 6 hours after the injection, but you can cleanse your face with water and cleanser later.
If your face is traumatized, you should sleep up.
Do not massage or move the treated area tightly unless your doctor tells you to.

Prohibitions and contraindications of Jalupro

In general, most people can seek treatment with this method because jalupro contains natural compounds that are also present in the human body. However, Jalupro injection is prohibited for the following groups and is not recommended:

Pregnant women and lactating women
Inflammation or infection in the area
People with autoimmune diseases

Jalupro side effects

In general, Jalupro injection does not have any special risks and side effects because its ingredients are natural substances that are also found in the human body. However, injecting this filler may cause some side effects, although these side effects are usually very minor and resolve on their own within a week.

Common side effects
Rare side effects

Some side effects caused by Jalupro injection are very rare, including:

Severe allergies

Jalupro mesogel injection must be performed by a doctor in a reputable clinic to avoid unwanted side effects and risks.

Elimination of possible side effects after Jalupro injection

Elimination of swelling after injection of Jalupro

You can apply an ice pack to your skin for 10 minutes every hour to eliminate the swelling. Applying a cold compress for 24 hours after the injection helps reduce the swelling. But some patients use arnica before and after treatment to reduce swelling.

Removal of bruising after injection of Jalupro

People who take aspirin, fish oil, or other medications that increase bruising will develop bruising on the skin after injecting the gel, which can be treated with a variety of products on the market. Some people use laser therapy and others use bromelain as a way to prevent bruising.

Massage therapy by a doctor after injection of Jalupro gel

Massage of the treated areas by the doctor is recommended for the patient. If the massage of these areas is done by a doctor, it will usually reduce pain and inflammation, and the bumps created on the skin of these areas will be removed with the help of massage. You can minimize the possibility of bruising by following the tips given by a dermatologist and the items introduced in this article.

The cost of injecting Jalupro rejuvenation gel

The cost of rejuvenating gel injection depends on several factors, which are as follows:

The amount of gel used
Extent of treated areas
Number of sessions required for skin rejuvenation
The interval between treatment sessions
Physician specialty
Clinic location and patient condition

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