Lip prosthesis services

What is a lip prosthesis?

Lip prosthesis is a cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the lips, which is performed using two methods of lip implants or flare injections by plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

Filler-assisted lip prosthesis is an outpatient procedure that can generally be performed in a few hours or less and has no side effects. Because lip augmentation is a cosmetic surgery of choice, its costs are usually not covered by insurance.

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What is a lip implant?

Lip implants are one of the most invasive methods of lip enhancement and one of the methods that the result will last for a longer period of time. Lip implant surgery involves inserting a biological or synthetic material into small incisions made in one or both of your lips. There are different sizes for implants that are used depending on the level of protrusion you are considering. The most common biological material used in lip implants is a sheet of collagen or fat taken from another part of your body (usually your abdomen or thighs).

The flap tissue inside your mouth can also be used as an implant. Of course, plastic surgeons usually avoid this procedure if possible, because it is a very invasive surgery.

Synthetic materials can also be used for lip implants. Your body is more likely to have an allergic reaction to these types of implants.

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