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What is lip shading?

As time goes on, the progress of science in the methods of achieving beauty increases more and more. One of these ways is called shading, which is used for the lips. In this method, using special devices that are like a brush; Chemical pigments, which also have different colors, are injected into lip tissues. In fact, shading is very similar to tattoos that are used for eyebrows or even other parts of the body. It is recommended to go to a specialized center to do this beautification method so that you do not suffer from any side effects. In the article we are going to review for you today; We will talk about lip shading. So join us for more information.

How to do lip shading?

Shading is actually a lip tattoo and is used instead of lipstick. This method is more suitable for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their lips or who do not want to constantly make up their lips. The method of doing this is that by using a special device that is similar to a brush and its series consists of several needles, they inject the desired color of the client under the lip tissue. By doing this, a person always has lipstick. Since these dyes are chemical; It is recommended that you do not be sensitive to them before starting work.

How is lip shading done?

The specialist does the following to perform lip shading:

Color selection

The first thing is for the customer to choose the right color. It is better to get help from an expert in this field; Because the harmony of the chosen color with the skin is very important. In the sense that it can no longer be deleted.


Now it’s time to compare the lips. To do this, various tools similar to the ruler are used. Because some lips are not symmetrical and are more visible after makeup.

Lip anesthesia

As we said, lip shading uses a device that has a needle. Anesthetics are used to reduce the severity of the pain. Anesthetic gels, anesthetic creams, injectable drugs, etc. are among these. Depending on which of them is used to what extent; It takes 20 to 40 minutes to determine their effect.

Device preparation

And in the last step, the tattoo machine must be prepared so that the work can start. The purpose of preparing the device is to pour the paint into the chamber, the type of needle and its size that is suitable for lip shading will be selected; Now you can start working.

Shading and its advantages

Certainly, this beautification method has advantages, the most obvious of which are:

The color of the lips changes to the desired color of the person.
The shape of the lips is corrected.
Eliminate the bugs and imperfections that the lips have.
Lips are naturally highlighted.
The face becomes younger and fresher after shaving.
Shading and its side effects

If the side effects of shading do not outweigh the benefits; Not less than that. Common side effects include the following:

Due to the needle in the device, the lips are swollen.
The lips become red.
Sometimes the lips will become scaly due to the sensitivity to the colors used.
In some cases it is very rare; Infections are also seen in lip tissue, fever and chills, and headache.

How long does shading last?

This method, which is a kind of semi-permanent or temporary makeup; Due to different conditions after a while, its effect gradually decreases and eventually disappears completely. As a result, the shape and color of the lips return to their natural state. In general, lip shading lasts between 6 and 10 months. If you want to increase its durability; You can repair it every month.

If quality paint is not used; This time will be less than 6 months. Of course, how professional the specialist is also very influential in this regard. It is interesting to know that some of the elements around us have a direct impact on the shelf life. Exposure to direct sunlight, excessive drying of the lips and این are among these elements.

Who are the right candidates for shading?

Certainly not everyone will need this method; However, the right people to do this beauty procedure are as follows:

Those who have thin and delicate lips can use this method to show it bigger and more prominent than it is.
People with colorless lips are the best option for shading. Because they change a lot after finishing the work.
Those who have moles, spots or scars on their lips or do not even have symmetrical lips; They can use this method.
People who do not have enough time for their makeup; In this way they are always neat and tidy.

Notes after shading

After shading, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

It is better to use Vaseline to relieve pain and swelling, burning or pain.
Avoid plucking your lips if they become scaly.
It is better to avoid various sports, especially heavy sports, for 3 to 4 weeks after shading.
It is better to apply lip balm constantly.
It is better to avoid salty, spicy and sour foods for a while after doing this beauty procedure.

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