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A mole is called nos in medical terms

There are clusters of pigment cells that appear as small, dark spots on the skin and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Moles usually appear on the face, hands, feet and toes, but can occur anywhere on the body.

Although most moles are harmless and harmless, they rarely become precancerous and need to be surgically removed.

Some patients prefer to remove benign moles naturally or by surgery or laser for cosmetic reasons.

Types of moles:

Congenital moles

One in every 100 people has a birthmark. These moles are more likely to develop into melanoma (a type of skin cancer) than other moles, so be careful.

If the birthmark is larger than one centimeter, it must be examined by a doctor and removed if necessary.

If the birthmark is large, hairy and thick or has an abnormal color, it should be removed as soon as possible.

Shameless spots

These moles are larger than eraser pencils and are irregular in shape, not uniform in color, dark brown in center, and lighter and rougher edges.

Some people may have 100 of these moles on their body.

These moles are more likely to become cancerous. Any change in these moles should be reported to the dermatologist so that the necessary measures can be taken if it becomes cancerous.

Laser mole removal
The best method for moles and skin lesions

Laser mole removal is one of the best and fastest methods and at the same time it is very safe.

A mole does not look good on the face, except in one or two exceptional places.

Most moles are an accumulation of pigment cells called melanocytes. Inside melanocytes, a pigment called melanin is produced, and the dye produced causes melanocytes to become colored.

The distribution and abundance of melanocytes determine skin color. Excessive accumulation of melanocytes in a small area of ​​the skin causes moles.

Sometimes this accumulation is accompanied by the rising of the skin in the same area, which results in a prominent mole.

There are several ways to remove a mole. One of the common methods is surgery.

But the big problem with surgery is the need for deep incisions to remove the mole. This deep incision causes a scar or scar.

For this reason, laser mole removal is more preferred by people because the chances of scarring and remaining in its place are less.

Scar is one of the beauty problems and in practice, there is no definitive cure for scar.

Therefore, it is recommended not to use any surgical methods to remove moles and to remove the mole with laser as much as possible.

Except in times of need when help can not be sought.

Tattooing – skin beauty – laser

Another method of tattooing is the use of cryosurgery technique or so-called cryo.

In this method, nitrous oxide gas is applied to the desired skin surface and the blood vessels in that area freeze due to the cold.

As a result, blood flow to the area is disrupted.

Impaired blood flow leads to tissue death or necrosis, and eventually the mole is removed.

The main drawback of the cryo method is the lack of determination of the depth of tissue damage because the consistency of the underlying skin layers is estimated.

And too much cold may cause necrosis of the deeper layers of the skin and scarring.

One of the important and significant problems of the cryo method is the color change of the operation area, which means that the treated area becomes paler or more colorful than the surrounding area.

And unfortunately the color change created by conventional methods does not respond well and is usually stable.

One of the oldest and most obsolete methods is the removal of moles by heat or cauterization

Which is not recommended due to the lack of precise determination of the depth of tissue damage and the high probability of scarring, especially for removing moles on the face.

And it is almost an obsolete method of mole removal. One of the best methods is laser mole removal.

Laser mole removal method determines the depth of tissue damage. This method is the only method for flat skin moles or junctional (root) spots.

Laser mole removal can even be used to remove moles around the eyes and eyelids by protecting the eyes.

However, the high cost of the technology used and the heat-based tissue damage and consequently the longer repair time are some of the points to consider for laser mole removal.

In this method, the initial recovery process takes up to 2 weeks.

Tattooing – skin beauty – laser

Laser is one of the most accurate methods that does not cause any side effects or risk of cancer or serious complications for the person.

One of the most modern methods used in many beauty salons for tattooing

Radiofrequency method or R. Is f. R technology. F relies on the production and transmission of microwaves on the surface of the skin.

In this method, the depth of tissue damage can be easily determined and if the doctor is aware of the skin structures

And sufficient mastery of R technology. F RF The risk of scarring or scarring is almost zero.

Since the basis of r. F does not generate heat. Usually, the lesion heals faster than other methods.

Affordable price of R. method. F is another strength of this technique.

Ability r. F is unique in removing moles around the eyes and eyelids (even on the lashes)

And by no other means well r. F. The spots in these areas cannot be removed.

Based on this, the best way to remove moles and similar skin lesions is R. Is f.

Another lesion that can be easily removed with RF is Skin Tag.

Warts can also be removed with RF.

However, in recurrent warts, due to the viral nature of the disease, the best way is to use a laser and eliminate the virus deep in the skin.

Examples of skin tags that respond to RF are shown below

To remove moles by RF or laser if there is no medical prohibition

With a local anesthesia, the lesion is removed from the skin in a short time without any pain or bleeding. Initial recovery will usually be achieved within 2 weeks.

On brown skin, laser is preferable to RF to remove acne.

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